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Welcome to BellesPalace here you have a choice to build or destroy , to fight or to come together, Love is a bridge and Trust is a gift, we give it and it gets better. When you're broken, open up your heart and feel , there's no difference, we're all family here Despite all of our doubts, all our ups and downs There is never really anything to fear.. enjoy your stay and know your safe .. Happy chatting About me ... im quite Dominant, sensual , caring Alpha Female, I am not straight or bi , I'm lesbian , alot of my closest friends are trans and male , but thats all i can offer ,im ADHD, OCD, IMPATIENT & ADRENALINE JUNKIE!... I'm difficult and I know , im working on it 💋💋


Queen Wolfiee
Hi everyone.. I'm megan.. nice to meet everyone.. am 27, Bi, mom to a baby girl.. dad long gone.. ask me anything... Welcome everyone to belles and hope you all enjoy your stay .... Love being here, I hope you do too....Love my new family ....I'm very loyal to Belles, so dont mess with my home, if you do look out , you will bring wolf out... ❤️Princess Aliyah my amazing wifey❤️ 0Trouble my beautiful partner❤️ Amyx my amazing friend❤️ Sophie my sexy little slut 🥰 KiaSet my pretty little slut 🥰